10th Flr. One San Miguel Ave. Bldg. San Miguel Ave.
Cor Shaw Blvd, San Antonio, Pasig City PH 1600

Our Office Facilities

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  • Our office facilities are excellent complete with individual workstations, cabinets, desktops, headsets and telephone lines (Ratio 1:1) with voice loggers.
  • Our field collectors are motorized. We now have more than 300 personnel in all locations.
  • We have equal personnel doing field visitations.
  • Work requirements, files and databases and policies of clients are held in confidence and compliance to specific policies are our commitment.
  • We have the capacity to increase number of staff needed to meet the manpower requirements for all portfolio endorsements.
  • Our MIS facilities can be very adaptable and in compliance with the requirements of confidentiality and security of various clients particularly the banking institutions.
  • All our offices including nationwide branches are equiped with CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) also known as Video Surveillance.